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‘Artist-Select’ Show – High Road Gallery

You’re invited to view my latest showing during the ‘Artist-Select’ show at High Road Gallery, 12 E. Stafford Ave. Worthington, OH 43085 from 7/31 to 8/24.


Advice, usually bad advice, is freely given, but the true, long term cost of acceptance and implementation may be dire indeed.   Be wary of those who are easy with the “just trying to help you” comments, usually unsolicited. Agendas abound in the art world, or life for that matter, when potential profit is involved.… read more

Art, by its very nature has no rules.

The last constructive lecturing was when you were taught not to piss on yourself as a toddler. Seriously, hate being lectured much as I do? “Art has to be structured in this style…look a certain way…balance out color in this manner” and so on until you feel like puking and wonder why you bother!  … read more

Life is art. It’s just how we sculpt it.

I might as well attract the slings and arrows right off the bat…If there is one thing that really burns me, it’s self-important and self-appointed guardians of art. No one has a right to tell you what is art, good or bad. Especially how you should look at or judge it.   Everyone feels art,… read more