I grew up surrounded by artists, authors and actors. Having a famous stage actress for a mother and a world renowned author for a grandfather, it couldn’t have been otherwise.
Among other art forms, I was taught by many artistic Masters from a very young age. My work was given as gifts when young. I never, even when overseen by Masters, created for anyone but myself.
When older, collecting myself, my work was requested by collectors the world over. I usually gave them as gifts, sometimes selling to recommended friends. I stayed out of the gallery scene, too restrictive in past days. Besides, I never had an interest in commercializing my art. Now though, in this venue, I will see.
I write novels and screenplays, I paint as I always have…for my soul alone, seeking to please no other.
Years ago, lying in a coma, I had one foot through the doorway. At the last second, doctors managed to pull me back. Many images are burned deeply into my conscious and subconscious. Where these “Ephemeral Abstracts” come from, I have no idea. I never shared them before 
T. Frederick Hubbard

May, 2013